Time, loyalty, scarcity, and hype beasts

Supreme Tee (Source: Instagram)

I am sure you either have a Supreme t-shirt in your wardrobe or you wish to have one. Supreme has marked its way in the fashion industry, and people never seem to love Supreme clothing any less.

The fashion industry spends $500 billion dollars in advertisement every year. Supreme has never invested its money in advertising, and you can hardly see Supreme on any billboards or magazines.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Supreme’s net worth was $1 billion after selling a 50% stake for $500 million to Carlyle Group. …

Let me take you through my path of writing being a complete newbie

Writing 100 Articles in a Month (Source: Freepik)

Before I walk you through this particular month of writing. I want to shed some light on me and my expertise in writing .

I joined Medium on Jun 2020. But didn’t write anything at that point, because I wasn’t a writer actually. I signed up for this Medium account to share content and get back links to my site.

Since you don’t know me. Here is a little intro:-

I am a digital marketer who is familiar with SEO, Social Media Management, and Facebook Ads. So playing with content and sharing ideas was always my field of play. …

Also know why the most content you found around web hosting is completely bogus

Web Hosting Secrets: How You Can Ditch Expensive Web Hosting Services For Better & Cheaper Alternatives
Web Hosting Secrets: How You Can Ditch Expensive Web Hosting Services For Better & Cheaper Alternatives
Web Hosting Secrets: How You Can Ditch Expensive Web Hosting Services For Better & Cheaper Alternatives

As internet evolution seems to grow bigger and bigger each year, there is no need to mention that industries which entirely focus on providing digital products (or) digital services are currently thriving.

The best part for these companies is that ‘internet is gonna go nowhere soon’

Among such internet-based industries, web hosting seems to one which is thriving, and it is safe to say that every individual (or) blogger looking to start a new site knows about what they do.

Right now, the web hosting industry is at boom as it is generating $60 billion in revenue per year, and…

Learn how this Indian messenger app failed miserably even after multiple rounds of seed funding and giving out good competition to Whatsapp

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

The last decade of this century is pretty much dedicated to apps, and there is no surprise that today, we have an app for just about everything. Since there was increase in the influx of internet users through these recent years it led to a heist competition in between companies wanting their apps and websites to be no.1

People are already feeling overwhelmed with the availability of so many apps. I have clearly explained this in my recent article: How productivity tools can be unproductive.

Which is precisely what happened with this Indian messenger app named ‘Hike’, which over-delivered it’s…

The article which shares how Instagram looks, evaluates, and promotes your content on the platform

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

There you go, another article that promises to share how to grow on Instagram, and I know how it feels after reading tons of articles online and watching dozens of YouTube videos and still being at the same place where you first started.

Being honest and being a marketer, I can say that 95% of the stuff you see regarding Instagram growth are bogus (or) speculations (or) diversion theories by creators who doesn’t wanna you to grow.

Six to eight months back, I grew hatred towards the platform because I applied every trick in the book to game the platform…

Learn these crucial writing habits which I’ve adopted to become a writer

Photo by Alasdair Elmes on Unsplash

My intention with this article is to enlighten you with my journey of writing 110+ stories online while having little to no prior experience in writing.

Throughout the article, I will share four critical things which you need to keep in mind and which also helped me with exact process of writing more.

My online writing journey on Medium: why, how, and when?

Medium is undeniably a writer’s paradise for those who want to get their ideas and thoughts on the internet. People can argue that Medium is a place only for professional writers, and a newbie writers can’t sustain among tons of quality content creators.

Which I do agree…

We live in a ‘productivity paradox’

Image by author — How Productivity Tools Can be Unproductive

There is no doubt that we live in a day and age of productivity, and people value their time as things move swiftly in the 21st Century. Being said so we do spend a heck lot of time in scrolling our social media feeds and spending way too much time online in general, which leads to being unproductive.

To tackle our internet hours and stay productive in our real life, there are tools which promises to track our idle time and can help us stay productive by making us realize where we’re wasting our valuable time.

Thus as individuals living…

Yes, you heard it right — ‘Throw Your Freelancing Dreams in Trash’

(Image Source: Freepik)

People can argue that everybody’s journey is different in this magical world of freelancing, but the most freelancers whom I met and know personally aren’t earning as much as they want.

Despite studies showing that an average freelancer earns more than a full-time employee, it’s highly unlikely to be possible in the case of beginner freelancers who are just starting out and especially for those who haven’t established any connections in freelancing.

When I first started freelancing in 2019, I can tell you that I wasn’t a full-time freelancer back then and I never worked with any clients and all…

Explaining my journey of writing 100k words in five phases

Photo by David Klein on Unsplash

I know some of your eyes might be rolling looking at 100,000 words of writing, but for others100,000 words may not sound like a big deal. Let me tell you that this was in fact a bigger deal for me, primarily because before Medium, I barely knew anything about writing.

Nevertheless, you can’t deny that writing 100,000 words of content takes a huge effort and requires a lot of time. It’s not going to happen in a day (or) week (or) even in a month for most people. …

Recent notification of the ‘New IT Policies’ is definitely adding new spectrum to our online data & privacy in India

WhatsApp Might End It’s ‘End-to-End Encryption’ in India

WhatsApp has been the center of the news ever since its new privacy policy updates, and people are glued to the TV news whenever someone mentions ‘WhatsApp.’ Even though recently WhatsApp hasn’t been called out directly by someone in the news, there is a real possibility that something out of the blue might pop up within three months.

Why I am saying this? am I a retard?

Well, you can say that….besides, I don’t care. Recently Indian Government had a string of affairs and legal collisions with social media platforms which contributed towards generating a lot of heat on the…

Thakur Rahul Singh

Digital Marketer with a pinch of taste in writing. For article writing/ghostwriting: rahul.thakur11071997@gmail.com

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