Time, loyalty, scarcity, and hype beasts

I am sure you either have a Supreme t-shirt in your wardrobe or you wish to have one. Supreme has marked its way in the fashion industry, and people never seem to love Supreme clothing any less.

The fashion industry spends $500 billion dollars in advertisement every year. Supreme has…

Outside the internet when I have met people and talked about how I land clients using cold emails. They don’t believe me….

It was surprising to me because some of them were startup owners who relied on cold pitches on social media for their businesses but were stuck with the…

If you’re an investor (or), have been planning to invest in financial instruments like stocks. Then I am sure that you might have come across this concept called ‘Compounding.’

And often experienced investors phrase this concept as ‘beautiful’ (or) they might even phrase it something like ‘beauty of compounding.’

Building backlinks is an essential element of any SEO campaign. Remember that backlinks in itself are not SEO, but they are a major part of SEO, and surely one can run a blog without backlinks and bring high traffic.

But the main concern here is that it takes time. Without…

Probably the most tactical and legit ways to build backlinks

Backlinks are more than a backbone for any SEO progress. There are still debates among niche websites that backlinks are not that important; only good content can do the job for most bloggers.

Being a digital marketer, I agree that content is the king, but relying on only content for…

4 Habits to sustain yourself and counter automation

It’s inevitable to say that automation has already impacted each of our lives, and I think 15–20 years from now, we can barely imagine a life with no automation.

Now, what does automation means to the job industry?

Well, a certain amount of new jobs will be created in the…

Minimalism is a concept that has been alive since decades but recently with the increase in the influx of people choosing minimalism as their lifestyle has made us realize what it brings to the table.

A concept which started as an art style is now spreading around the western land…

7 Dead Simple Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make To Pursue Minimalism

Minimalism seems to be a growing concept in today’s world, and I personally find the idea of living with ‘minimum’ and extracting ‘maximum’ out of it to be quite intuitive.

Also, with our ever expanding internet currency and competitive demand for skills, minimalism as a lifestyle seems befitting to our…

I have personally executed these 4 tips/steps to grow as a freelance writer

4 Freelancing Tips From a Four-Figure Freelance Writer

It’s fair to say most of you reading this article are already into freelancing (or) may be interested in starting your career in freelancing.

When I first heard about freelancing, it just felt like the dream job that everybody wants. But trust me, the picture is not as beautiful as…

Also know why the most content you found around web hosting is completely bogus

Web Hosting Secrets: How You Can Ditch Expensive Web Hosting Services For Better & Cheaper Alternatives

As internet evolution seems to grow bigger and bigger each year, there is no need to mention that industries which entirely focus on providing digital products (or) digital services are currently thriving.

The best part for these companies is that ‘internet is gonna go nowhere soon’

Among such internet-based industries…

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