Are coaching calls legitimate? What will happen when you implement their strategies?

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An Instagram conversation regarding a coaching call (Screenshot by author)

Assuming you’re a regular Instagram user, then it’s most likely that you’ve heard of terms such as coaching calls, one-on-one mentorships, one-on-one growth training, or calls to join X growth academy.

From individual influencers to themed pages, it seems every other Instagram account out there either promotes a service or a product related to growing on Instagram. There is no doubt that this online world is full of fake people and there are tons of scammers and so-called gurus who are trying to hop in and take advantage of some ambitious Instagram users looking for growth.

My Account and Their Initial Encounters With Me

I started an Instagram

Time, loyalty, scarcity, and hype beasts

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Supreme Tee (Source: Instagram)

I am sure you either have a Supreme t-shirt in your wardrobe or you wish to have one. Supreme has marked its way in the fashion industry, and people never seem to love Supreme clothing any less.

The fashion industry spends $500 billion dollars in advertisement every year. Supreme has never invested its money in advertising, and you can hardly see Supreme on any billboards or magazines.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Supreme’s net worth was $1 billion after selling a 50% stake for $500 million to Carlyle Group. …

Let me take you through my path of writing being a complete newbie

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Writing 100 Articles in a Month (Source: Freepik)

Before I walk you through this particular month of writing. I want to shed some light on me and my expertise in writing .

I joined Medium on Jun 2020. But didn’t write anything at that point, because I wasn’t a writer actually. I signed up for this Medium account to share content and get back links to my site.

Since you don’t know me. Here is a little intro:-

I am a digital marketer who is familiar with SEO, Social Media Management, and Facebook Ads. So playing with content and sharing ideas was always my field of play. …

I am telling you this trick can work wonders for you too

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Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

I am sure that most of you might have heard of Upwork, and I know that everybody has different opinions regarding the platform, but for me so far, Upwork has proved to be a good source of income for my writing.

My journey on Upwork was very much similar to everybody else, and to justify it, I had earned $100 on the first 30 days on Upwork, being a complete newbie writer.

I know such numbers doesn’t sound promising, and I am pretty sure that many freelancers might’ve earned 2x, 5x, and 10x more than what I had made in…

Yet, it was one of the best decisions that I made when I was 20

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Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

In 2017, I was into my final year of college, where I pursued my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. But to be honest, I didn’t know a jack sh*t about mechanical engineering and what a mechanical engineer is supposed to do in real jobs.

As I was into my first month of the final year, I was sensing that my life as a student was over, and I needed to get a job to earn money. But since I was dumb and lazy enough to show any interest in careers. …

Nobody taught me how to choose a job wisely, and I had to pay for my decision (Big Time)

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Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

It was 2018, I was just graduated, and it was end of my semester; I started to prepare for further studies, maybe a Master’s. But I was too dumb to realize that I lost my potential to learn and study anything from college (or) an institution.

After all those years, I knew the time I spent as a Bachelors’s student in mechanical engineering was a joke, if not a lie because college taught me everything like how to do my own chores, how to keep up your friends and enemies close, and how to be a student without ever studying…

Sometimes I even make $100 per article with freelance writing

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Photo by Josh Rakower on Unsplash

A few months back, I was struggling to make $50 per month on Medium, and now, even though I write less on Medium, I generate more income online than I ever used to.

Writing content was never a part of my game. I tried affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and other online businesses in the past. But somehow, in recent times, I found my interest in writing, and I have stuck to it.

I am inching towards my 100th article on Medium, and at this point, I hope you guessed it that I am talking about making $50 per article writing…

Aren’t you curious to know how these so called ‘fake gurus’ grown?

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How Do Fake Instagram Gurus Actually Grow and Make Real Money on The Platform (Source: Freepik)

I feel Instagram is full of shit, and yet I can’t get myself away from it. I am sure most of you are just like me. Besides fake news and fake trends, Instagram is also known for their infamous ‘Fake Gurus’ who think that they own the platform, and also will make others believe them.

Instagram is a prominent ‘fake guru’ factory where teenagers and manipulative marketers try to game the algorithm by playing against it. Apart from them faking it, they also make people believe that even we can do it.

I am sure most of you might have…

Spoiler alert: I am gonna reveal a real profitable niche which I found through my exact process

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Photo by Mike Marquez on Unsplash

Nowadays, everybody wants to have their own blog to share about their interests, ideas, and experiences, even though it seems quite blissful to have your own blog and it helps you leave a digital footprint in this world of internet.

But the harsh reality is that nobody understands that — not every niche and every blog idea of yours will get clicks and generate traffic on the internet.

It’s true that there are numerous blogs on the internet (600 Million to be precise) and which tells you that there is competition all over the place.

It’s most likely that when…

Learn crucial ad copy techniques from the ad campaigns run by multi-million dollar businesses

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How to Ace Your Facebook Ad Copies (Source: Freepik)

Facebook is undoubtedly the go-to platform for many online advertisers who want to get their products in front of thousands, if not millions of potential buyers.

In this day and age of digital diplomacy, writing perfect ad copies can be considered a high demand skill. In the future, the demand for writing good ad copies isn’t going to decline.

People can argue that images (or) videos play a significant role while running ads and delivering your brand messages thoroughly. …

Thakur Rahul Singh

Digital Marketer with a pinch of taste in Writing

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